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FAQ - frequently asked questions

What is reaper speedlab?

Reaper Speedlab is your one stop shop for oval iracing setups.   Established in late 2020, our goal is to offer top split competitive setups to customers on a weekly basis. 

What series do you support?

We build setups for the 3 NASCAR National Series on iRacing along with short track offerings such as modifieds, late models and legends.

Who is the reaper speedlab team?

National Series: 

Class A – Boyd Hoggan 

Class B – Boyd Hoggan

Class C – Randall Faulks

Short Track:

Super Late Model – Treyten Lapcevich (Driver Coach)

Late Model – Treyten Lapcevich

SK Modified – Treyten Lapcevich

Tour Modified – Treyten Lapcevich

Advanced Legends – Robbie Kennealy

Sales and Social Media:

Web Admin & Distribution Lead – Austin Darbyshire

Head of Social Media – Randall Faulks

How do i download a setup?

Upon purchase of any set on reaperspeedlab.com, a receipt is sent to the email listed in checkout.   If an account is made via Facebook or Google, the email will be the one associated with that account.  

Once payment is confirmed (usually instant) you will receive your setup in a “confirmation email”,   your setup will be located in this email.

How do i get my setup on iracing?

iRacing stores setups in a folder titled “iRacing” located in “Documents” even if you have iRacing installed on a different drive than default.   

Once in the iRacing folder you will see another folder titled “setups”

Place your setup in the folder corresponding to the setup you purchased.  Once you have done this you will be able to see your setup in iRacing.  You can also place the file in the folder while iRacing is running.

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